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Do you think your desk is always dull
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Do you think your desk is always dull

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Do you think your desk is always dull, boring, and single? If you are a workaholic, we suggest placing some eye-catching items on your desk. Because the stereotype that desks give people is business work, it may make workers feel very tired. This time you can personalize your computer accessories with a wide range of sublimation printing ideas, including sublimation in the Mousepad. Sublimation can be used to design Mousepad that conforms to any personality or emotion. These sublimated Mousepad are very suitable for workaholic friends or students who want to decorate their desks.

As a reward, provide your employees with a Mousepad with your official logo, and add customized touch to your office. Let's apply the Mousepad sublimation technology to make your standard Mousepad more beautiful.

Material requirements:

Are you ready? After collecting necessary products, sublimate them on the Mousepad.

1. Design your image and print it:

Note the size of the Mousepad and print the image accordingly. If there is no template, please set the size larger than the actual measurement value. Now, create your image within these parameters. Print out your design in the same way as other sublimation projects. Our experts suggest using Sawgrass Virtuoso SG400 for printing. Before printing, make sure to mirror it.

2. Use adhesive spray to paste sublimation transfer on the blank of Mousepad:

Do not spray too close. When you spray, slide your image. Place the Mousepad blank on the image and align it. Reposition the image you want and press.

Let's click on it!

Put the baking tray paper into the hot press, and clamp the Mousepad between the two baking tray papers in the hot press. This is to prevent ink from splashing onto your hot press.

If your Mousepad is thick, I suggest you use a swing hot press. Like the HPN signature series 15 "x 15" oscillating hot press. Because the press has a swinging design, it can float directly on your Mousepad. This is ideal for heat transfer printing, screen printing, and direct clothing solidification. You can use the adjustable pressure knob to modify the distance of the upper pressing plate, so that you can choose the distance for the hot press to stay.

Once your press reaches the required temperature, place the Mousepad on the next platen of your press and put the Mousepad down. Therefore, your paper should be at the top. Heat the Mousepad to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and press gently for 40 seconds.

Wait a moment, when it's done, then peel off the transfer to show your excellent personalized Mousepad! Please wear heat-resistant gloves before removing.

Video Guide

The Mousepad can be made of a variety of materials, from soft rubber and foam to plastic and fabric. It can be any variety and material. Rubber Mousepad provides more flexibility and good grip. The foam pad is the first choice for long use, while the fabric Mousepad provides a smooth size to move the mouse. On the other hand, the plastic Mousepad is hard and mainly used for games. The leather Mousepad is expensive, but fashionable and durable.

Because the sublimation Mousepad of polyester layer is different from the ordinary Mousepad, they are compatible with sublimation printing process. Another feature is a smooth and flat surface, which helps to easily absorb ink materials into the polyester layer and create a long-lasting design.

Here is a comparison table:

Product Features

Sublimate Mousepad High quality durable Color printing. 2. Cost effectiveness and perfect custom design. It must have a polyester coating. Only suitable for sublimation printing.

Rubber Mousepad is durable, resistant to scratches and turbulence damage, perfect for game use, because of its anti-skid nature. 2. It can also be customized with other technologies, such as screen printing and embossing. 3. The cost performance ratio is higher than the sublimation Mousepad. 1. Provide limited color and quality printing, and may break over time. 2. Sensitive to water, dirt and dust can accumulate over time.

The gel Mousepad is ergonomically constructed to help support the wrist and hand. Suitable for long-term use. 2. Its cooling technology helps to control temperature. 3. The basic function of anti slip is to prevent it from slipping and maintain its position in the company. Due to the use of cooling technology, the price is expensive. 2. Compared with sublimation Mousepad, the printing range is limited and the color quality is not bright. 3. Due to sharp objects or excessive use, it is more likely to be damaged.

The hard plastic mouse pad is durable, durable, and not afraid of damage or tearing. Suitable for long-term use. 2. Easy to clean 1. The hard plastic properties make it smooth and easy to scratch. No customization options available.

The Mousepad is made of soft Microfiber material and can be smoothly operated and moved on the Mousepad. This feature of the Mousepad enables players to move the mouse smoothly and avoid stuttering. The Mousepad can be sublimated with high-quality printing or your favorite design to charge your desk.






Xiaoyun Industrial Park, The Miao Autonomous County, Tujia, Yinjiang, Tongren City, Guizhou Province

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