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Wrist Rest Mouse Pad Manufacturer

 If you always use the computer for a long time, it is very necessary to use the wrist mouse pad. The function of the wrist guard is mainly to prevent mouse hands. The height of the ergonomic design diagram is used to support the wrist and keep the wrist in a comfortable and straight state, thereby releasing the pressure of the long-term bending of the wrist, which can greatly reduce the soreness and disease of the hand caused by long-term use. Wrist support mouse pad, keyboard hand rest, wrist support pad, etc. are all ergonomic products, which are good helpers for supporting office use.

 From the material, it is divided into silicone wrist mouse pad, memory foam wrist mouse pad
Pad, ordinary sponge wrist mouse pad. From the characteristics of the material, the memory foam is the best, because the memory cotton properties are the most suitable. Followed by silicone, and then on to the sponge.

Wrist Rest Mouse Pad

Custom One-Solutions on OEM/ODM Your Brand Mouse Pad

Customized Silicone Wrist Rest Mouse Pad

 Silicon wristband mouse pad can be customized in various shape and height , the silicone part is very soft and elastic. The silicon part provides enough support for wrist to relieve the pressure caused by wrist lifting.such as breas/sex mouse pad.

 The avaiable sizes and weight are 22*26*2.5cm(280g),22*26*3cm(320g),22*26*3.3cm(350g),22*26*3.5cm(370g) ,22*26*3.8(390g),35*39*4.5cm(1030g),38*45*6cm(2kg)
 Surface: The surface fabrics are black polyester and lycra cloth and (divided into ordinary lycra and matte lycra and black polyester). The smooth Lycra covering improves tracking movements and creates consistent gliding.Tested by the top mousesensor manufacturer, the high thread count and smooth surface optimizes mouse tracking accuracy for both optical and laser sensors.
 Wrist: The wrist part is filled with excellent cooling gel. The soft and comfortable gel-filled cushion offers your wrist maximum comfort and support. Ergonomic Mouse Rest alleviates pressure on your wrist by elevating it on a comfortable angle for your long-term use of computer.
 Base: The durable, Non-Slip PU Base is designed to eliminate unwanted movement and provide a solid platform for intense gaming.It can keep the mouse pad from sliding on the desktop. NO need to worry about the mouse pad slipping away.

Customized Memory Foam Wrist Rest Pad

 Our keyboard wrist rest and mouse pad made of memory foam, Long-term stability and not-easy deformation, slow Rising, comfortable. Adopt soft and breathable memory foam materials to provide lasting support for your wrist.
 The bottom of our wrist rest adopts anti-skid natural rubber material which certified by RoHS and has No harm to health. The dense non-slip texture provides added stability. They can be firmly fixed on the desktop to prevent sliding. You can enjoy stable mouse operation at work or in game.
 Ergonomic design of these two wrist rests fits perfectly on the wrist. Provide soft support to relieve the pressure, fatigue and pain of your wrist. Effectively avoid damage and other wrist problems caused by friction between the wrist and the desktop.

Customized Cheap Foam Wrist Rest Pad

 Made of improved super soft & smooth & breathablem material and comfortable foam to the pads, supply lightweight, comfortable, durable and ergonomic touch.Suitable for advertising mouse pad, mainly a silk screen, cheap, as low as 0.5 $/pcs.

 Non-skid Rubber base provides heavy grip preventing sliding or unwanted movement for Keyboard and mouse pads, Double Sticking and Press handing for edge to supply flat and smooth edge and will not roll up nor split open.

Custom Different Fabric & Shape

 Solid-color T-cloth: Choose solid-color T-cloth when you don’t need to print logos or patterns in full, and the price is relatively low and the price will be lower. Solid color T cloth can also be screen printed with a simple solid color logo. Not suitable for thermal transfer printing, easy to smudge.
 Lycra: the best choice for full-page printing, no color fading, good elasticity.
 2way fabric: a better fabric than Lycra, it is not only suitable for full-page printing but also relatively more delicate than Lycra, with a softer feel, the effect and clarity of printed patterns are higher than Lycra, and the fabric cost is lower than Lycra alone The cost is 0.5$ higher.
 Excellent Shape and Size: Designed with an optimal shape and size. You can move the mouse around easily and the pad shapes it well. Moreover, the reinforced edges prevent deformation and damage to guarantee long term use.

Custom Different Mock Up

 Screen printing: Screen printing is suitable for customized logo printing, with low minimum order quantity and low cost.
 Sublimation printing :Sublimation printing is suitable for the customization of large-area colored patterns, which can match the colors of the design drawings to the greatest extent.

Custom Wrist Mouse Pad Package

 Package: The regular package is OPP bag, As long as it is our customer, we will give it away free oof charge you.
 Custom blister package:The MOQis 2000 pcs,cheap cost and we can see the actual appearance of the product from the outside and increase the purchasing attraction.


The rubber mouse pad has the following advantages.
Foamed memory foam is made of silicone foam, which has good memory rebound effect and is durable. Will not leak glue.
The silicone material is filled with silicone inside the wristband, which is relatively soft when pressed, and rebounds quickly, and there is a risk of glue leakage when pressed with a violent hammer.
The sponge material is filled with memory foam + the bottom of the sponge is rubber bottom. The wrist guard also has a memory rebound effect. The rebound effect will be weakened when it is used at any time, but it does not affect the rebound. The product is lighter and the price is higher than the above two. The material is cheap and relatively cost-effective.
Silicone mouse pad is made from the physical process of the organic silicon material, it has the ability to absorb radiation.
Clean and tidy. The use of silicone mouse pads is cleaner than on the table or other, without dust.
Lycra cloth can print more exquisite patterns than traditional polyester cloth, and present more colorful.
Wrist pad from the perspective of ergonomics, to the greatest extent to relieve the wrist fatigue when using the mouse in work and study, the greatest degree of protection of the wrist.
Wrist protective silicone mouse pad is also one of the best choices for advertising and gifts, and its high-end quality has a better role in enhancing brand power.


As the words of green, environmental protection, and low-carbon are increasingly advocated in life and work, silicone mouse pads have become more and more recognized and recognized by more people. "Replace a small step, a big step environmental protection," and the silicone mouse pads are also applied to more and more fields. Silicone mouse pads are widely used in office, games, gifts, entertainment and other fields.

Wrist Rest Mouse Pad Certificate

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