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The Benefits of Using a Leather Desk Mat
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The Benefits of Using a Leather Desk Mat

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You're probably not here because you “like” leather.

You’re here because you’re managing an active obsession with handmade leather goods. You’ve got your wallet, your belts, your watch straps, your other wallet… and you’ve wondered, what next?

So, here we are. Pursuing a big, flat strip of leather to put under your computer keyboard, of all places.

You’ll receive no judgment here. We’re right there with you. A desk mat has no business looking, feeling, or smelling this good, but we made them this way anyway.

Okay, let’s get serious. Here are the benefits of our very important, very necessary leather desk mats:

Leather Desk Pads Improve Your Office Space Décor

Many of us spend a lot of time—too much time—in the office. Shouldn’t we at least make it an aesthetically pleasing place to be? When our surroundings look nice, we feel better.

So far, your desktop flair includes the bobblehead doll of a retired minor league baseball player and that “World’s Best Boss” mug. But eventually, you’ll have to return the mug to your boss. And where will that leave you?

Perhaps it’s time to add a touch of true class in the form of a gorgeous new desk mat. Leather brings sophistication and elegance to any setting, including office space.

Working on a leather desk pad will have you feeling stylish, cultured, and bold. Who knows? It just might be the boost you need to actually get some work done.

A Leather Desk Pad Protects Your Surfaces and Computer Hardware

Place your leather desk pad under your keyboard and mouse. There will be ample room left over on all sides, creating a large and well-defined work surface on your desk.

Your leather desk pad buffers the contact between your desk and your keyboard, protecting both surfaces.

Any optical mouse moves around easily on leather, so there’s no need for a separate mouse pad (unless you need an excuse to add yet another leather object to your desk).

Other materials often used for desk pads, like cloth, tend to be flimsy and quickly get dirty. They attract dust, cat hair, and the like. Not leather—you’ll be working on a strong, smooth surface that’s easy to keep clean.

Leather Desk Mats Smell Amazing

Scent has a direct connection to our peace of mind and emotional well-being. Inhaling a preferred aroma puts us at ease, just like listening to a favorite song.

The smell of leather seems to hit some folks pretty hard. When a piece of fine leather has “that smell,” we just can’t get enough. Of course, only high-quality leather has this effect.

All Leather products are made from full-grain leather. It’s leather’s most refined form, with the grain completely intact. High-end leather products are full-grain because this material retains the most unique character.

One advantage of our materials and process is a superior aroma. Cheap leathers have their own distinct odor—one that’s fake, nasty, and pungent. At its worst, cheap leather products can smell like fish or even manure.

And then there’s the aroma of full grain leather: heavenly. It’s earthy and sweet, with a distinct character that can’t be faked.

We see it all the time in our product reviews—a lot of y’all are a bit fanatical about this.

A fine leather desk pad fills your workspace with that unmistakable scent that you love. This rich aroma is often described as “soothing.” That’s just what we need in the office, where nerves (but never leather stitching) are occasionally frayed.

Bringing Elegance to Your Desk with Leather

A leather desk pad is a beautiful indulgence. A desk space can be drab, ugly, and unpleasant. Or it can be calming, sophisticated, and attractive.

Leather provides a strong and easy-to-clean surface for your keyboard and mouse. Its mix of friction and smoothness creates an excellent non-slip surface






Xiaoyun Industrial Park, The Miao Autonomous County, Tujia, Yinjiang, Tongren City, Guizhou Province

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