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What is the Best Mouse Pad Material?
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What is the Best Mouse Pad Material?

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You've probably never looked at what your mouse pad is made of.
Because it doesn’t seem like a big deal, correct?

Maybe it is.

What your mouse pad is made of, actually influence how productive you are.

1. What is the best material for a mouse pad?

The gamers prefer the hard mouse pads because they track better and simple way better for high-end optical mice, so the hard mouse pad material is best for performance increase. The soft mouse pad material work better for general use, but they don't offered the same performance benefit.There are probably more materials out there than you realize.

Normally, when decide the good material , it is come down to the personal


2. Soft Mouse Pad

You may already be familiar with soft Mousepad, which are usually made of lightweight foam materials.

These are the easiest to obtain and are also the types used by most computer users.

This makes a lot of sense. Foam materials are produced in batches and the production cost is not high, so they are cheap to buy.

(1) Foam Mouse Pad

There are several kinds of soft Mousepad, but the most common one is made of polyester fiber with a layer of foam.

These materials are sturdy and soft, and although they may be a bit waterproof, they are absolute anti fouling magnets, so they are easy to get dirty. These stains are almost impossible to remove, especially from coffee, soda, or wine stains.

(2) Leather Mouse Pad

Leather is another option for soft Mousepad.

It may not be the preferred choice for vegetarians, but those who like leather claim that it is soft and feels great. It's also warmer than most other Mousepad, has good grip, and they last a long time.

The disadvantage is that after a few months, the oil and dirt on your hands and mouse will leave a layer of smooth dirt on your leather Mousepad.

Before studying this article, I never considered owning a leather Mousepad. I want one now.

(3) Cork mouse pads

Cork pad is a good middle zone between hard Mousepad and soft Mousepad. This is a natural material that is environmentally friendly.

Due to its elastic material, it is also very comfortable to use for a few hours.

Similarly, the only real disadvantage is that Wine cork can easily get stains, which are often permanent because of the porosity of Wine cork as a material.

Just look at the Wine cork of the wine to see how correct this is.

(4) Advantage

Soft Mousepad is usually cheap

They come in various designs and colors

They are more comfortable to use in cold environments


They are not as durable as rigid materials such as steel or aluminum

They are easy to get dirty

Foam and fabric mats will wear and tear over time

They are not easy to keep clean

3. Hard Mouse Pad

Hard Mousepad are almost inelastic because they are made of hard plastic, aluminum, or even glass.

So they are as sturdy as the surface of your desk.

A hard Mousepad provides you with a special surface designed specifically for the optical mouse, rather than just using your desk.

The aluminum Mousepad is the first choice for performance tasks.

They are usually made of three aluminum plates approximately 0.06 inches thick and then glued together. The aluminum Mousepad is very smooth, providing a frictionless environment for your mouse. It also supports high dpi optical tracking.

Plastic Mousepad is another option. They are cheaper than aluminum Mousepad, but they are an upgrade compared with ordinary cloth Mousepad.

These typically include a layer of anti slip plastic and a layer of anti slip materials on top.

For a more beautiful hard Mousepad, resin is considered the best choice. These all have the lowest level of friction, and they have various customized designs.

(1) Advantage

They provide better accuracy because there is less friction on mouse movement

Optical sensors have a better chance of tracking the entire surface

(2) Disadvantage

Harder materials do not keep warm, and some people may not be able to tolerate cold surfaces

The hard Mousepad cannot be rolled up, reducing its portability

4. What are ergonomic mouse pads made from?

Ergonomic mice come in various materials.You can buy a standard foam

Mousepad with a gel wrist guard, or a high-end aluminum Mousepad with a gel

wrist guard.So it depends on how much you can spend, but the actual materials

used to make the Mousepad will not make it more economical.

5. Which mouse pad material is best?

If you need a Mousepad to complete precise tasks, such as playing games, it is not wrong to choose harder or harder materials.

As long as you keep it scratched, tracking is unparalleled compared to any other type of Mousepad.

For example, you need to pay extra for a metal Mousepad.

But you get what you pay for.






Xiaoyun Industrial Park, The Miao Autonomous County, Tujia, Yinjiang, Tongren City, Guizhou Province

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