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 Mousepad can be divided into Speed series, Balance series and control series according to the control of X axis and Y axis of the surface. If the nylon material of Condura is the best control cloth material, then the rainbow glass film mousepad is the best speed cloth material.

 We use special TPU film to fit on the traditional polyester fabric, which can not only meet the diversified needs of printing, but also bring different application. It also has special cool feel when used in spring and summer. This feeling is unique, and this product is unique in China and even the whole world. I believe it will also bring different experience to your customers, which will be of great help to your company in building the brand.

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Custom One-Solutions on OEM/ODM Your Brand Mouse Pad

Custom Films

Different films can be customized, including rainbow film, strip color film and transparent film. Rainbow film and strip color film suitable for game players, transparent film with black cloth for office use.

Custom Size/Thickness

Different thickness and size can be customized, 2mm,3mm,4mm and 5mm are the normal thickness. The size can also be customized, but we recommend 45x40cm and 48x40cm, because it can better present the glass film effect.
Sublimation and silk printing both are workable, so we can reach to all the customize pattern requirements.


The rubber mouse pad has the following advantages.
The cloth surface is particularly smooth, and the speed attribute performance is the best among all the cloth mousepads in the world.
Spring and summer days are very cool to use, in addition, the sweat generated during the game can be quickly dried.
The surface can be silk-screen printing process, or transfer printing and then film, so more design requirements can be realized.
The film on the surface can be rainbow luster, striped luster, and transparent film without luster, in short, can achieve different using needs.
The bottom material is still made of traditional natural rubber, which is environmentally friendly and durable.
This is the new development product, unique in the world. Only we have mastered the production technology.


The rubber base is compounded with various cloth surfaces to form a cloth mouse pad. According to the different types of surface cloth, it can be used for many purposes.
Advertising mouse pad, game mouse pad, bar pad, keyboard pad, meal pad, gift mouse pad, anti-skid pad, shoe material pad, business gift mouse pad, promotion market pad.

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