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 Features: Available thickness from 2-5mm, Excellent compression set resistance: light foam mouse Pads are manufactured from a range of micro cellular urethane foams that are used for gaskets and sealing solutions along with vibration and sound dampening and energy absorption. so use this material as mouse pads base, it is good for game players light foam base Pads benefit from many key characteristics including: Excellent compression set; Low outgassing and non-fogging Flame retardant to FMVS302 and UL94 HB Good chemical resistance Excellent impact absorption; Quick recovery Shock absorbent Fungi resistant.

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Custom One-Solutions on OEM/ODM Your Brand Mouse Pad

Custom Your Design or Brand Logo

This can do any custom design or logo or brand logo also can custom different fabric surface.
Surface Material can combline with different fabric : Special Weave (such as following fabric -Jucquard).

Custom Base Color & Texture

As a manufacturer, as long as you provide a PANTONE color, we can customize the color of your own rubber base for you.
In addtion , the unique texture you want can also be customized.
Can foam different custom color for SBR material.

Custom Size/Thickness/Shape

We support custom any the sizes and shapes,and regular shape is retangle shape ,Thickness can be 2mm/3mm/4mm/ 5mm etc; Our Regular thickness is 3mm.

Cutom Printng & Colour

It is encouraging to provide the corresponding PANTONE colors of the colors on your design drawing. Our product printing ink is printed with CMYK mode. The printer uses more than one million imported Epson brands. The printing color is bright and bright; it can reach more than 98% of the original manuscript.

We can follow the fina item what you want also can follow the pantone date you give us a reference color date will be more helpful.

Custom Edge & Even Tag

You can choose the most suitable stitching method according to the design drawing.
  Printed stitched edge
This kind of edging is to make the white edge of the mouse pad first, and then print the white edging to the color. This edging is suitable for mouse pads with colorful design.
  Solid color stitched edge
This is to print the mouse pad first, and finally use a solid color thread to make the edge of the mouse pad. Such as pure black, pure white, red and other colors.,also can custom any colour you need. In addition, we also support custom tag around the edge as above,It can highlight the high-end of its own brand,moq just 300pcs.

Custom Mouse Pad Package

As for packaging, we usually provide free OPP bags for you. Ensure that the mouse pad will not appear dirty when it reaches your hand.

If you want custom your brand ,you can custom your box,moq is 500pcs.


The light foam mouse pad has the following advantages.
ERGONOMIC & USABLE – tired of strains and wrist fatigue that comes after a prolonged period working behind a computer screen? You have no excuse to persevere this anymore! Our light foam rest pad is smooth, breathable, lightweight, comfortable, durable and more so ergonomic.
DURABLE, PREMIUM QUALITY – light foam pad that’s designed from top quality foam that lasts long so you get maximum value for your money.

Intermediate layer (sponge part) of gaming mouspad revolution. High performance with a different dimension from sponge foam of other gaming mousepad. Completely excluding surface waviness and shutting out subtle disturbance of mouse movement.
Extremely flat gaming mouse pad, stable mouse movements. Multi hardness allows you to match your favorite operability. Hayate Otsu enabled more stable sliding and more precise pointing. There is little turbulence in the sliding of the mouse when moving the mouse.


The rubber base is compounded with various cloth surfaces to form a cloth mouse pad. According to the different types of surface cloth, it can be used for many purposes.
Advertising mouse pad, game mouse pad, bar pad, keyboard pad, meal pad, gift mouse pad, anti-skid pad, shoe material pad, business gift mouse pad, promotion market pad.

Light Foam Mouse Pad Certificate

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Xiaoyun Industrial Park, The Miao Autonomous County, Tujia, Yinjiang, Tongren City, Guizhou Province

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