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The non-slip mouse pad is integrated, durable and not easy to damage, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and safe to use. The surface of the non-slip leather mouse pad can also be washed with water for continuous use. Effective stain and water repellent.

Using Smooth and Precise Controls:The leather mouse pad surface ensures smoother and precise mouse control. And the non-slip leather bottom holds the mouse pad firmly on the desktop, perfect for gaming and everyday work. Optimized for all types of mice including wired, wireless, optical and mechanical mice.

Lets your mouse glide smoothly and provides a wide surface for a large range of motion as well as support for your wrist and forearm. The refined microfibre lining under these custom mouse pads not only protects your desk from nicks and scratches but also provides anti-slip features. Enhance your office decor with these timeless leather desk accessories. Coming in different sizes and models, choose the one that fits your office decor - from soft, large, small, round to square,we also can help you to do custom desig ,so that can do limited editions production.

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Custom One-Solutions on OEM/ODM Your Brand Mouse Pad

Custom Leather Colour & Material

We have single color suede leather table mats. Single side leather is available in 15 colors from stock. You can print patterns and customize logos on them.

Custom Leather Mouse Pad Bottom

Single sided leather mouse pad: surface leather+suede at the bottom, with better anti-skid performance at the bottom.

Double sided leather mouse pad: leather on the surface+leather on the bottom, both sides can be used, with different color experience every day.

Leather rubber mouse pad: leather on the surface+natural rubber on the bottom, suitable for use on glass wood tables, with the best slip resistance.

Leather mouse pad: pure leather. Soft and comfortable, with excellent hand feel, suitable for office people.
Double sided leather desk mats, we have 20 different colors in stock, both sides can be used, genuine leather pad is not suitable for playing games. It is generally used as a lever for office work, and it is also quite durable. It can be used for 10 years. Writing, office work, and table mats are very good choices.
 We have these below stock colors,It is encouraging to provide the corresponding PANTONE colors of the colors on your design drawing.

Custom Size/Shape/Thickness

We support custom any the size and shape,we have more than 3000pcs Different sizes and shape stock. 
Our regular sizeis 25*21CM 60*30CM, 60*40CM, 70*35CM, 80*40CM, 90*45CM, 100*50CM, 120*60CM, All are in stock ,and other sizes also can be customized.
About thickness, Whether it is leather desk pad or corium pad, normal thickness is 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm.

Custom Your Band Logo or Brand Design

You can customize your logo or printing your design on the leather mouse pad. We also support color printing.

Custom Leather Mouse Pad Package

As for packaging, we usually provide free OPP bags for you. Ensure that the mouse pad will not appear dirty when it reaches your hand.
About white box.when you want to give the mouse pad as a gift to the customer. This is the best choice. Moq just 50pcs.

If you want custom your brand ,you can custom your box,moq is 500pcs.


The rubber mouse pad has the following advantages.
Moderate sliding resistance, accurate and stable positioning,The balanced performance is perfect for office use.
Not easy to drop frames, easy to carry and cheapest price with high quality.
Anti-oil and anti-pollution, surface material whether ink, oil spots or stains are not easy to appear.
Leather surface can be embossed, engraved and hot stamping a variety of processes to provide customized services.
Waterproof mouse pad is available. After wiping off the water stains, the table will be clean and tidy.
Various patterns can be printed on the mouse pad. Beautiful and attractive, In addition, high grade PU surface presentation, greatly improve the product value.


The leather base is compounded with various  surfaces to form a mouse pad. According to the different types of material , it can be used for many purposes.
Advertising mouse pad, game mouse pad, , keyboard pad, meal pad, gift mouse pad, anti-skid pad, shoe material pad, business gift mouse pad, promotion market pad and table mat.

PU/Leather Desk Mat Certificate

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