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 PVC foam (96% PVC content, the weight of a yoga mat is about 1500 grams) PVC is the name of a chemical raw material, and it is a raw material. PVC (vinyl) yoga mats (also known as foam mats) were the first to appear on the market and are still one of the most mainstream choices. Because, this mat is cheap, very durable, and easy to clean. , the conventional size is 173-61cm, 183-61cm can be customized according to your size requirements. The conventional thickness is 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, and our factory can make it up to 20mm.

 PVC yoga mats mainly include high-density PVC mats, polymer PVC mats, PVC linen mats, PVC suede mats, ordinary PVC, etc. Different sports are suitable for mats of different materials.

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Custom One-Solutions on OEM/ODM Your Brand Yoga Mat

Customize Material of PVC Yoga Mat

Because of the particularity of pvc material foaming, the hardness, weight, and texture can be adjusted freely according to customer needs. The following common pvc material yoga mats are popular with customers.
  High-Density Black PVC Yoga Mat
  High Polymer PER Yoga Mat
  PVC Jute Yoga Mat
  PVC Suede Yoga Mat

Customize Colors of PVC Yoga Mat

At present, we have more than 50 colors in stock, and we can deliver within 3 days within 1000 pieces.
If you want to customize a yoga mat with your own brand color, we support customizing any Pantone color, you only need to provide us with the Pantone color number, and the proximity of our custom-colored yoga mats has reached more than 95%, and many customers satisfied with our quality.

Customize Logo / Design of PVC Yoga Mat

With the improvement of merchant brand awareness, more and more customers request to add their own logo on the product. You can also add your customized logo on the PVC yoga mat. We can provide you with different types of logo crafts. You can definitely find a matching craft to make your logo unique.
Not only logo, we also support to customize your design, the first printing process is silk screen printing, all patterns can only be single color. The other is digital printing, which can be customized in any color. The printing effect of this process is realistic and very beautiful.

Customize Others Style Yoga Mat

The pvc foldable yoga mat is very suitable for easy portability. It is the best choice for outdoor sports and picnics. The thickness is 3mm and 4mm, and the weight is only about 0.5kg. It is about the size of a notebook when folded.
Rainbow yoga mats have been very popular in the past two years, bsolutely not toxic - made of eco-conscious materials, popular Dimensions is 68 x 24 inch, the thickness can choose 4MM/5MM/ 6MM/7MM/8MM, with rainbow yoga clothes, become a beautiful street landscape!

Customize PVC Gym Mat

The denser a treadmill mat is the more weight it can bear. Our mats are more durable than other workout mats and can endure heavy exercise equipment with no creases—even after extended use. Our normal size is 6*4', 7*4', 8*4', 7*5',8*5', 9*5', 10*5' and thickness have 6mm from to 20mm (6mm 8mm is the basic thick).

Customize Package of PVC Yoga Mat

Shipping is also a key part of purchasing products, so good packaging is the key to ensuring that products can reach their destinations smoothly. Ususally we have opp packing is free. If you need custom your band suggest custom colour box.


The pvc yoga mat has the following advantages.
Easy to clean:
PVC yoga mats can be easily cleaned with water and a damp cloth, but do not expose them to sunlight after cleaning, as this will cause the mats to crack and peel off. It is recommended to wash the yoga mat every other week.
Light weight, easy to carry:
Maximal portability for easy carrying to the gym, studio, park, or beach. Mat Size is 68 × 24 inches provides comfort and stability at a total weight of only 2.0 lb. for the 1/4" mat and 3.3 lb for the 1/   3" mat. Perfect for travel, beach and Yoga Class.
Secure and stable:
Embossed surface ensures stability during all types of training. Ideal for core strength, posture, balance, and flexibility exercises. Perfect for hot yoga, ab crunches, or Pilates as well as yoga floor and standing poses.
Eco-Friendly Material:
Non Toxic & Free PVC yoga mat. Made with material known as PVC, a material that does not generate harmful substances such as dioxin even when incinerated.
Practical and multi-purpose:
10mm regular thickness provides comfort and stability. Perfect yoga and exercise mat for hard floor or carpet at home and gym. It is more suitable for people with sensitive or injured joints. It can protect your knee Especially Great for Senior.
Choice of twenty colors, Pantone colors can be customized according to customer requirements.Colors are Black, Pink, Green, Purple, Gray, Lime, Orenge. Coordinate with any mood, style, or preference for women men, seniors.


Yoga mats are not only suitable for yoga practice, but also for parent-child interaction and entertainment on the mats. 
At the same time, it is also suitable for babies to crawl on the mats for outdoor picnics. It is also a good choice as a placemat, as well as an indoor moisture-proof mat It could not be better.

PVC Yoga Mat Certificate

Friendly reminder: Please click the picture to download and see the details.

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Yoga Mat FAQ

  • What different services Fuding factory can provide to us?

    We can design artwork for free, make samples for regular materials for free. Until the customer is satisfied with the samples.
    In sale: The whole production process we can updated the videos and pictures to customers at any time
    After sales: Professional quality inspection team to ensure the quality of product delivery, professional design team can provide product photography, product video services
  • How about the quality of your production?

    Our products exported to many countries all around the world with good quality and we have been certified by ROHS /ROSH /CE/SGS/FCC/SEDEX/CA65 etc.
  • What's your MOQ?

    Our MOQ is one pcs ,the more the cheaper.you can test one sample,if you feel good,you can order the batch.
  • What format Artwork I need to provide?

    EPS (Encapsulated PostScript), .AI (Adobe Illustrator), .PDF (Adobe Reader), .TIFF (High Resolution Tiff FIle), .JPG (300 DPI), .BMP (300 DPI), .PSD (Adobe Photoshop), and .CDR (Corel Draw). Make sure colors are defined as either spot or CMYK depending on the intended final print. Convert all text to curves/outlines to avoid font problems.
    If you have no design, we have professional designers who can help you design pictures and free for you.
  • What information I need to provide to you for a best offer?

    Please send us the information of product size,thickness,the quantity,the material,your pattern design...
  • What styles of yoga are suitable for your mats?

    Our mats are best suited to Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Ashtanga, Power Yoga, Kundalini, Pilates, and Stretching.
    If you sweat a lot or practice Bikram, our mat is suitable for use with a thin towel over the top.
  • How many days for sample and goods arrangement respectively?

    Normal material sample time:1-5 days,delivery time:3-7 days.can by express,door to door is very fast.
  • Are the products environmental protection?

    Yes, of course we are social responsibility company, all of our products are eco-friendly, and we already pass Sedex's social responsibility system certification and environmental protection testing.
  • How to choose a environmental sustainability yoga mat?

    The fact that natural rubber yoga mats are getting much more popular in recent years is also because natural rubber is a quickly renewable resource.
    On another note, some natural rubber yoga mats are biodegradable, which means they will decompose naturally after 3 – 5 years in typical landfill conditions. That will help reduce the amount of waste and give more space on our planet.
  • What about payment terms?

    T/T,L/C,Paypal,Westerm-Union etc,30% deposit before production,banlance payment before shipment.
  • What about the shipment?

    By express,by air,by sea,it's according to your decision, we have more than 100 stable cooperation logistics companies with stable timeliness and low prices.






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