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 Natural rubber after vulcanized foaming, and a variety of different cloth surface after combine made of roll raw materials, and then cut into different sizes of semi-finished blank mouse pad. The pads used for heat transfer printing are generally made of white fabric. The fresh patterns on print paper can be transferred to the mouse pad after high-quality print paper is used at the working temperature of 180-200 degrees and the roller or transfer equipment is used. This is the basic process of heat sublimation mouse pad.

 The rubber mouse pad sublimation is often used in esports games, office, advertising, maps, guns and various game themes. It is the most used mouse pad, the most widely accepted market and the most environmentally friendly mouse pad.

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Custom One-Solutions on OEM/ODM Your Brand Mouse Pad

Custom Fabric Surface

Speed series: Glass film, glasses cloth, Lycra cloth; Balance series: common polyester fabric, special dense fabric; Control series: Jacquard cloth, PK cloth, Condura cloth, nylon cloth.
In addition, we can also provide different types of waterproof cloth surface, anti-oil cloth surface and anti-bacterial cloth surface according to customers' functional requirements.
  Polyester Cloth Mouse Pad
Polyester cloth is the most conventional mouse pad with typical balance properties. It is the most widely applied mouse pad and occupies the highest market share in rubber mouse pads. This cloth has a price advantage and is great for the final print presentation of the design.

At the same time, there are different gram weight choices on the cloth. Generally speaking, the higher the gram weight is, the better the effect of sublimation printing is, the brighter the color is. In addition, we will also recommend the thickness of the mat according to the thickness, 2-3mm use 150g, 3-5mm use 180g and 200g cloth cover, of course, if the customer needs better printing effect, we will also recommend 220g and 240g cloth cover material.
  Waterproof Cloth Mouse Pad
Waterproof mouse pad is made of polyester cloth with waterproof coating. Normal 3% waterproof coating has good performance. You can also custom 5% 6% waterproof coating has Better waterproof effect.

However, we can also realize the customers' higher waterproof demand, and even oil proof demand. After adding the coating, the cloth surface will be easier to clean. In many cases, the wet cloth can be cleaned thoroughly.

The conventional cloth weight of waterproof mouse pad is 200g and 220g. If the customer has the demand, we can also add waterproof coating on other grams, which can achieve a good waterproof effect.
  Jacquard Cloth Mouse Pad
Jacquard cloth mousepad, this should be a variety of major brands, including Cherry, Razer and Aritsan are available, so it can be called the market recognition of the highest type of control cloth.

This cloth has the properties of excellent mouse control, high-end printing effect and wear resistance. At the same time, it also has the choice of 150g-300g cloth with different weight, so as to achieve different customization needs of customers.

Custom Rubber Color & Texture

Like Razer's green rubber base, the blue rubber base of Logitech mouse pad is very special and hot-selling. Also as a manufacturer, as long as you provide a PANTONE color, we can customize the color of your own rubber base for you.
In addtion , the unique texture you want can also be customized.

Custom Size/Thickness/Shape

We support custom any the size and shape,we have more than 3000pcs Different sizes and shape stock.About thickness we can do 1mm,1.5mm,2mm,2,5mm,3mm,3.5mm,4mm,4.5mm,5mm,5.5mm,6mm,8mm,10mm,12mm etc.

Custom Mouse Pad Edge

There are two edges available, you can choose the most suitable stitching method according to the design drawing.
  Printed Stitched Edge
  Black Stitched Edge
Black stitched usual suitable for deep color design mat, for example grey , light grey , black etc... or any design u want black stitching . The Black stitched is more resistant to dirt than white, more beautiful than white.

Custom Our Package Service

All our blank mouse pads will be packed flat to ensure the integrity of the products. The factory and quality inspection personnel will ensure that there are 100% defective products inside. After receiving them, they can be taken out and printed directly, which greatly improves the printing efficiency.
If you are worried about damage during transportation, we can also do packaging for your single mouse pad, but after receiving it, we must open it in time to prevent indentation during long-term transportation.


The rubber mouse pad has the following advantages.
The natural rubber bottom has excellent anti-skid properties, and the performance is far better than PVC, leather and other mouse pads.
The cloth surface of sublimation pad has a variety of different cloth surfaces to choose from, so as to meet the different needs of customers in terms of mouse control.
Our sublimation pad rubber is imported from Malaysia, and 100% thermal rubber foam is used in the production process, without any synthetic rubber, so as to ensure that the product can pass various chemical tests.
Products from thickness, size, cloth cover to hot rubber color can be customized, so as to meet the full range of customer needs.
The cloth and rubber of the product can be washed, and the washing process will not fade, not degumming.

While a regular mousepad may only last two or three months, a natural rubber mousepad will last five years or more, and the reason you replace it is not because it is broken, but because you want a new mousepad pattern.


The product is suitable for large heat transfer product manufacturers, printing product distributors and small and medium-sized mouse pad manufacturers.

Sublimation Mouse Pad Certificate

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